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Holey Oval Trio Cabochon Casting Mould


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This mould features one large oval-shaped cabochon and two smaller oval-shaped cabochons, which create a pendant and earring set.  The pendant cabochon is approximately 57 mm (2.25") long, whilst the earrings are approximately 32 mm (1.25") long.  Each mould is designed to create a hole in the finished piece, through which a cord or similar can be threaded, so the piece can be hung.


These generic instructions apply to the range of “Holey” jewellery moulds. 

For best effect, the manufacturer suggests the use of medium grain frit, or dichroic pieces or stringers, ensuring that any elements used have the same Coefficient of Expansion (COE).  

The manufacturer also recommends the use of Primo Primer as a glass separator, with the Primo being applied with a small, soft fan brush and in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.  It is important to apply ample primer, and to ensure that any water is driven out of the mould with heat/evaporation before firing with glass.

Place approximately 3-6 mm of medium grain frit of your choice in the mould, to act as a base layer.  Then place any decorative elements on this base layer of frit, remembering that the glass facing up in the kiln will be the front side or top of the pendant or piece.

Fill the mould with another layer of medium grain clear frit (or other transparent frit colour).  The mould should be filled to within approximately 1.5 mm of the top of the frit cavity.

Use a clean, small paint brush to sweep the frit away from the frit cavity wall into a peaked mound in the centre of the mould.  This will help to prevent frit burrs upon firing.  The glass will melt and roll to create a smooth edge in the mould.

Place the filled mould in a kiln and fire in accordance with the following firing schedule supplied by the manufacturer of the moulds.

Segment 1:  Ramp at 250 degrees per hour to 600˚ Celsius (1100˚ Fahrenheit) and hold for 5 minutes.  
Segment 2:  Ramp at 250˚per hour to 740˚ Celsius (1360˚ Fahrenheit) and hold for 20 minutes.
Segment 3:  Ramp at 350˚ per hour to 800˚ Celsius (1470˚ Fahrenheit) and hold for 10 minutes.  

Then anneal in accordance with the type of glass being used.

Once the mould has cooled, it may be necessary to tap gently tap on the side of the mould to remove the glass.

  • Model: holey-oval trio
  • Shipping Weight: 0.5Kgs

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