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Coloured Decal Paper

Use craft stamps with these sheets of plain coloured decal paper to create colourful designs for float and art glass.

The decal paper should be fired at full fuse temperature for art glass or at slumping temperature for float glass, and is best fired on top of the glass, rather than between layers.

The paper is very easy to use.  You only need a bowl or flat dish of lukewarm water, a squeegee or clean cloth, and Windex (or a similar glass cleaning product).

First, thoroughly clean the glass to which the decal is to be applied.  Fill a bowl (or flat dish) with clean, lukewarm water.  If you intend applying lots of decals, make sure you change the water regularly.

Soak one decal at a time until the decal starts to uncurl and flatten out.  Do not leave the decal in the water too long, as it will detach from its backing sheet and become very difficult to handle.

Remove the decal from the water and gently slide it from its backing sheet into its desired position on the glass.  Try not to move the decal around too much, as this will leave a residue or film on the glass.

With your finger on one edge of the decal, gently run the squeeze over the decal to remove any remaining water and air bubbles beneath the decal.  If you don't have a squeegee, gently pat the decal surface dry to remove any water and air bubbles.

Allow the decal to dry for four to eight hours (or better still, overnight).  Before firing, gently clean the glass with Windex (or a similar product) - paying particular attention to the area around the decal.  Be very careful not to touch or wet the decal.  The decal is now ready for firing.

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