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Glass Fusing Paints

20:20 Glass Fusing Paints

These Australian made 20:20 paints are inter miscible, allowing you to achieve a wide range of colours and hues.  They hold their colour well and give an even finish, rather than showing individual brush strokes.  Red paints are often problematic, but this red is the best we have seen. 

The paints mature between 750-800ºC, making them suitable for both float and art glass (System 96, Bullseye or Wasser Glass).  The paints clean up in water.

Glassline Paints

Glassline Paints are used as a lining and shading material for glass.  They are simple in design, easy to use and can be thinned with water.  Glassline colours may also be sprayed or airbrushed to achieve subtle variations on glass.

The Glassline colours can be applied between multiple layers of glass or on the top surface for a complex dimensional look.  Glassline Pen colours are compatible with most types of glass from float glass to 90 COE (Bullseye and Wasser Glass) and System 96 (COE).

For best effect, "tack fuse" individual sheets of glass before stacking your full fuse.  Glassline colours are best fired at  around 815ºC, but may be fired lower or higher depending upon the desired results.

Glassline products are lead-free and food safe when fired.

Glassline Paper

Glassline Paper, pens and chalks have been developed specifically to be fired between layers of glass.  Glassline Paper may be used with glass of any COE.  The paper is easy to cut with scissors, a razor knife, or simply torn to achieve a ragged edge.

Glassline Paper is available in a range of different colours and textures, such as plain, splatter and crinkle.  These can be combined to achieve a multitude of shapes, styles and textures.

When using Glassline papers, a spacer must be used between the sheets of glass (such as 6 mm pieces of clear glass stringer).  This spacing allows the release of gases,before the glass fuses.  If spacers are not used, or the glass is fired too fast, carbon will be trapped between the layers of glass, causing a smoky grey colour and perhaps large air bubbles - not a good look!



Enamel Pen Set

Enamel Pen Set


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Goldpen - Texta Style

Goldpen - Texta Style


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