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System 96 Casting Billets

System 96 Casting Billets offer a cost effective approach to glass projects of all sizes.

If you love the look and feel of hot cast sculpture, but can't afford your own hot shop, you will love casting with these billets.  The billets are thick glass "bricks" carefully formed to have a low bubble count and are stringently inspected to ensure their purity and consistency. 

They are tested for fusing compatibility at 96 COE, and can be incorporated with other tested-compatible elements, such as frit,stringers and noodles, sheet glass, or pre-fused glass components.

The billets are easy to cut and melt, with a thick, glassy "hot poured" look.  The billets are ideal for open mould casting of tabletops, cabinet door inserts, room dividers or garden sculptures.  Your only limitation is the size of your kiln!

Billets measure approximately 175 mm x 175 mm x 19 mm and weigh approximately 1.6 kg.