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Textured Fusing Tiles

Earthenware ceramic tiles work well to texture glass in a kiln.  Generally, any fusible piece of glass can be heated and textured on a texture tile.  Once textured, the glass can be slumped to create lovely vessels or displayed flat as panels or sun catchers.  With the use of a common slumping firing schedule and most slumping moulds, the texture will remain intact.

The basic procedure for the use of these textured tiles and design tiles is as follows:

Apply a quality glass kiln wash or primer to the tile in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.  The manufacturer of these tiles recommends the use of Primo Primer.

Apply the primer in thin coats, drying the tile in between each coat (a hair dryer is ideal here).  If the kiln wash is too thick, it can fill in much of the detail on the tile. The tile must be completely dry before the glass is placed on the tile. 

To achieve maximum texture on the glass, fuse to a full fuse on the tile.

For an eye-catching effect, fuse iridised glass iridised side down on the textured tile.

Please note that due to the fragile nature of the tiles, we cannot ship them via Express Postage.