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Diamond Pads

Diamonds are the only effective way to create intricate shapes, drill holes, reshape your glass or get a good finish on it.

Diamond hand pads can grind a glass surface quickly and easily, mostly by pressing firmly whilst using a circular or back and forth motion with the pad.  They are best used with water but should not be left in water!  You should start with the lowest numbered grade (eg. 60 grit) and work up to the higher grades.

60 and 120 grit pads will remove material quickly and leave a noticeable white surface, whilst 200 and 400 grit pads will produce a much finer surface.

The 400 grit grade is suitable for jewellery finishing, where a super-fine finish is required on the edge of a piece.  The 800 grit grade is suitable for polishing the surface of a piece and will give it a smooth, matt finish.  The 1800 and 3000 grit grades are suitable for fine polishing surfaces of piece.