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Stringers & Noodles

If you aren't familiar with stringers and noodles, stringers resemble spaghetti pasta, whilst noodles look like fettucini!

Stringers and noodles can be pre-formed using a candle or torch, and used in beads, stacked together and fused to create murrini, overlapped, woven and tack fused ... the possibilities are endless.

Stringers are approximately 1 mm in diameter and 45 cm long.  There are about 100 stringers in each tube.

Noodles are approximately 4.5 mm wide, 1 mm thick and 45 cm long.  There are about 25 noodles in each tube.

Stringers and noodles are produced by Uroboros.

Stringers and noodles are available in single colours, in mixed 'Mardi Gras' packs, or in specially customised packs.  You can specify up to three colours of stringers or noodles from our existing range and we will combine them in roughly equal proportions in a tube for you.  Please note that stringers and noodles cannot be combined in the same tube.