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System 96 Crinklised

The ultra-thin layer quartz and metallic coatings on dichroic glass are applied with electron beams in a vacuum chamber, creating the most vibrant, space-age colours imaginable.  The transmitted and reflective character of each coating is completely different.

  • Crinklized Dichroic™ is MADE to be left exposed.  The intrinsic nature of this new coating is much more exaggerated when the coating is allowed to push upwards and crinkle, crystallize and curl.

  • Many of the Crinklized sheets appear to have an unusual reflective color prior to hotworking, especially when the coating is viewed from the back side of a clear sheet.  This all fires away to reveal the same brilliant CBS Dichroic colors that everyone expects.

  • Expect similar predictable color shifts when hotworking the new Crinklized Dichroic™ as with CBS original coatings.

  • “Fire it hot”- For maximum effect, fuse the Crinklized Dichroic™ Coating to a peak temperature around 1475 degrees or higher.  (Not applicable to lampworkers and furnace workers)

System 96 dichroic are specifically made for use in all hot glass applications.

System 96 dichroics are available as 5 cm squares and most are also available as 10 cm squares.  If you purchase a 10 cm square, you will save 20%.