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System 96 Glass

System 96 comprises glass made by the Spectrum Glass Company, Uroboros Glass, Wissmach and Youghiogheny.  It is a family of tested-compatible glass products which are designed and produced to work together - both technically and artistically.

We find that System 96 glass gives us a great palette of colours, as well as an ever-increasing range, whilst being quite affordable.  In general, System 96 is easy to cut, fuses well, and will tolerate multiple firings without devitrifying.

System 96 products are extremely stable and consistent.  All System 96 products undergo three meticulous firings, with each one measured for devitrification, opacification, colour change and stress against System 96 Master Samples.

Because of the way in which we purchase System 96 glass, we are able to offer a range of additional discounts for large purchases.  For more information on these discounts, please click here Unless otherwise stated, all of our sheet glass is 3mm in thickness.
And please note that while we pack sheet glass well, Auspost has a habit of breaking single sheet shipments. We will no longer ship less than 3 pieces in a single order or via Express