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Cress Kilns


Until 2011, we did not sell commercial kilns because many of the kilns imported from the USA do not fully comply with relevant Australian safety standards and, in our view, do not provide good value for money.

However, in 2011 we were delighted to successfully negotiate modifications with the manufacturers of Cress Kilns to ensure that all kilns we import into Australia comply with relevant safety standards.  Whilst any modification necessarily adds to the cost of an item, we don't think you can put a price on safety.

The GK series of kilns (which we call "upside down" kilns) are ideally suited to applications where you require easy access to the glass during the firing cycle - such as for raking or rolling - or wish to easily view the pieces to get the "right" degree of firing. 

The GK series have a square chamber, from which the base is lowered.  The GK1A model can run off a standard power point, whilst a 20 amp power circuit will easily accommodate the GK2A model and GK3A.

The "Fuser" kilns (the 75E and 89E) are conventional top loading kilns.  Standard features of the Fuser kilns include:

  • a steel base plate for safety and strength;
  • tapered peepholes and peephole plugs (which offer a wider angle of viewing into the firing chamber);
  • high quality durable elements set into precision cut grooves; and
  • an instruction manual.

The 75E model can run off a standard power point, whilst a 20 amp power circuit will easily accommodate the 87E and 89E models.

All of the kilns are equipped with a Bartlett electronic three key controller, with LED readout display. These are the same controllers we have used and recommend for our own range of larger kilns.

This Bartlett controller has four user programs, with each program having up to eight segments.  Each segment consists of a ramp rate (in degrees per hour), a target temperature, and a hold time. 

To view the instruction manual for the Fuser series of kilns, please click here.