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Small Platter - 240 mm x 130 mm

Tani B.
Love this mould, great size and shape for a handy tray.

Clear / Black PRISMA (Handy Sheet 260mm x 260mm)

Kerry C.
A beautiful glass that looks stunning layered over either Wissmach cinnamon transparent or S96 light amber. Makes a stunning tortoiseshell look glass.
Only downside... the sheets are too small! And I have trouble cutting circles out of it, but that's most likely operator error.
However, when it breaks I fill the cracks with medium amber powder and it makes a Kintsugi type feature of it.
I love this glass for its adaptability, and reckon fellow fusers should give it a try. I'll be contacting you about larger sheets ;-)...

Textured Fusing Tile - Koi

Angela Young
Made a beautiful effective looking dish by using float glass. Great for sushi.

Small Platter - 240 mm x 130 mm

Katrina Torrance
I find it difficult to use with the rounded corners. My glass corners drip over the sides or if I do it shorter it looks funny because the long sides have a bigger edge than the short sides.This could be due to a lack of experience on my part....

Textured Fusing Tile - Net Leaf

Vicki Shearman
Made a beautiful oval bowl with float glass - just using this design!! I slumped two sheets of float glass(both from the same sheet of glass) onto the pattern tile - a very elegant pattern!!!...


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